Hardscaping & Retaining Walls

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Does your property have steep slopes or flooding issues that make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor space? Poorly designed and constructed hardscaping and drainage can lead to a range of issues, including erosion, water damage, and unstable landscapes.

Our expert team has the equipment and knowledge to install durable retaining walls and effective drainage systems to provide long-lasting solutions.

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Excavating Excellence: Unlock Your Property's Hidden Potential

Our hardscaping and excavation services can enhance your property and maximize your liveable space. We offer a range of:
Limestone Boulders
Precast Stone
Granite Boulders
Armour Stone

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls play a key role in many landscape projects, and ensuring their structural integrity is paramount. Our extensive experience in design and construction means that you can trust us to build a solid, reliable wall that will withstand the test of time. When contending with variations in elevation on your project, we’ll provide essential structural support.

Armour Stone

Armour stone is a dense and durable rock that is often used for retaining walls, erosion control, and decorative landscaping features. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and erosion and adds natural aesthetic appeal.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has a unique and distinctive appearance that is unmatched by other materials. It is a popular building material for walkways and other outdoor landscaping features. We source natural stone from Ontario.


Drainage is an essential service for every design and build project, as it ensures that water flows away from walls, decks, walkways and driveways, where it could cause damage. We use advanced techniques and materials to design and install drainage systems that effectively channel water away from your property, preventing erosion and other issues.


Grading is an important service that can help to prevent water damage and erosion on your property. Our team of grading experts uses precise grading techniques to level the ground and create proper slopes for effective water drainage. By carefully considering the unique features of your property, we can design a grading plan that will ensure your property remains stable and protected.


Installing foundations, creating retaining walls, or preparing land for landscaping is all included in our excavation services. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to carefully excavate the area without causing unnecessary damage or disruption. Our years of experience in excavation means that you can trust that your project will be completed efficiently and with the highest standards of quality.

Enhance Your Property with Hardscaping

Our team will assess your property’s needs and identify the best options for appearance and structural integrity.

Unique Designs

Professional hardscaping services will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property by incorporating various design elements, such as natural stone.

Increased Functionality

Hardscaping can improve the functionality of your property by keeping your yard dry and accessible, providing space for seating areas, or other landscape enhancements.


Sustainable landscaping and site preparation services will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and eco-friendly outdoor space that offers benefits to both your property and the natural area around it.

Reduced Maintenance

By using durable materials and effective design techniques, you can benefit from a low-maintenance outdoor area that prevents erosion and water damage.

Visualize Your Plans with 3D Renderings

Creating your dream outdoor space is a process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. That’s why we offer comprehensive design services to help you visualize and bring to life your vision.

Turning your dreams into reality

Our video walkthroughs take visualizing your project one step further, by providing you with a virtual tour of your new outdoor space. You’ll be able to see how your new space flows and integrates with your property, helping you to feel confident in the plans before construction begins.

What To Expect



Let’s start with a chat! We’ll discuss your vision, needs, and preferences to understand your project’s scope.


Site Visit

Next, we’ll visit your property to take measurements and evaluate the space’s conditions. This will help us create a design that fits perfectly with your property.


Confirm Design & Budget

Based on your input, we’ll finalize the design and budget for your project. We’ll make sure that everything meets your expectations and budget requirements.


Work Begins

Now the fun begins! Our skilled team will start the installation process, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to bring your design to life.


Daily Progress Updates

You’ll receive daily updates from us. This ensures that you’re informed, every step of the way, about your project’s status and budget.


Customized Aftercare

We’ll schedule a visit after your project is complete for a quality assurance inspection, and to deliver our exclusive warranty handbook.

At the heart of our approach is our commitment to excellence.

We promise to deliver long-lasting and high-end outdoor living spaces with exceptional attention to detail.
By prioritizing clear, consistent communication and friendly service, we create a positive and enjoyable experience for our clients. 
Our upfront pricing and frequent updates guarantee that you won't encounter any surprises. You can rely on us.

“Their professional manners, work ethics, and woodworking skills were first rate.”

“I can truly say that I had great pleasure in watching the Outdoor Reflections crew work. They were an extension of Matt, when he was not there. Their professional manners, work ethics, and woodworking skills were first rate.”

- Harvey A, Client

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